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There are a number of jobs that pupils at school may consider going into – including law, publishing, finance and media. It’s important when choosing a university degree that young people are aware of the paths and industries which are opened up to them but also those which are closed or at least more difficult to get into without further qualification. For example, a student of English Literature would need to transfer to another course if they wished to work in Medicine in later life.

Graduate programs

It is also worth discussing with young people at school about graduate programs. Some university graduate programs are fully paid for in advance by their clients, who welcome the chance to save money on advertising costs by getting in touch with university students directly through a program. At no time will the student be charged a fee for applying, and once the program has started, the clients don’t pay more fees. This means the student will never be at a disadvantage in comparison to other candidates that applied directly.

Health and fitness jobs

There are a number of jobs within the health and fitness industry, whether it’s a role within the National Health Service or it’s improving people’s fitness. If the latter, there are many jobs for personal trainers. People can get into these jobs by attending a personal trainer coaching course.


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Everyone has a dream - it may be to teach, to be a doctor or a nurse, or to play football.

But if you can't eat, you can't achieve anything. Everyone should have the right to food and to be able to feed their family."

The Problem The Solution The Facts Photo Gallery Forum Store Contact Us DJF Secures Malawi Scholarship at University of Westminster September 2007 will see the first David James Foundation Scholarship at the University of Westminster.

On the 7th September 2006 David spoke at the University of Westminster Business School Conference on HIV and AIDS and Business: Challenges for Sustainable Development. The event was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

To a large audience made up of many of the world's leading academics from economics, development and health, David spoke about the work of the Foundation in Malawi. He also discussed the challenge of HIV and AIDS in farming and society and how the Foundation could link up with educational establishments like the University of Westminster to enhance the value of its work.

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Since the event, discussions about a more formalised relationship continued and Professor Colin Matheson, Director of Scholarships, agreed to instigate the David James Foundation Scholarship from the start of the next academic year.

This will enable a student from Malawi to undertake a fully funded year of study at the University of Westminster leading to an MA in their chosen discipline. The Foundation will shortly begin working to identify suitable candidates to benefit from this amazing opportunity. The University of Westminster Business School website

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